Monday, December 20, 2010

Airport-Just as much fun as watching tv

The National Park in Samoa

Buying a snack on the road.

Ma tree in the National Park.

Foailalo Beach in Savai'i.

The scary ladder of the trench.

When people come to visit Samoa, or leave Samoa, it is a big event and usually many people come to see them off or welcome their arrival.
Some of the Volunteers have been coming to the airport each week to see their family members (other volunteers) off. The day that my sister and Cammi left, ten other volunteers were also heading to America. This meant that there was a “party” at the airport. We all hung out until it was time for them to go through security. The few of us who went to see them off, headed upstairs to the viewing area. We saw their airplane arrive, from New Zealand and Tonga. We pointed out a few volunteers we knew from Tonga that were also heading to America, and then headed to the stairs to see those who made it through customs. Surprisingly we knew some people coming off the plane that were heading home to Samoa. It was fun to see people get so excited to welcome their loved ones to Samoa.
We then headed back to the viewing window where we saw the people board that were bound for Los Angeles. Many of the volunteers saw us and gave us big waves good bye, and when Jen and Cammi saw us at the window they stood there for a long time waving until they really had to board the plane.
We had a lot of fun watching the plane board as well as watching the captain go through all of his paperwork. Then the plane was about to take off (It was already three hours late.) It went slowly down the runway until it reached Aggie Grays Resort, then turned around, picked up speed, and was off the ground by the time it reached out window again.
We still had a few hours until our boat would leave for Savai’i, so we decided it was finally time to sleep. Mosquito coils were lit, and we used our lava lavas as blankets and had a short rest. Before we knew it, the alarm was going off to tell us to go to the wharf.
At the wharf, it was not time to board the ship yet, so we took our second nap on the benches there, before heading on to the boat to find our next place to sleep.
Even though the sleep we got was not the best, it was still worth it to experience the time at the airport. It was such a great experience to say goodbye to our loved ones, while seeing people joyful for their loved ones arriving. People watching at the airport is just as much fun as watching television, in my opinion.

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  1. I remember as a kid in Samoa (way back in the days when Nauru and Samoa had their own airlines: Air Nauru and Polynesian Airlines)that going to the airport was always special. The 'walk a few steps, stop, turn, and wave' motions of some passengers until they reached the top of the airplane's stairs where they turned and gave their final wave before entering the plane.
    When I am back in Samoa, I'll have to decide on which wave I should use. That is whether I should go for the rap star's hand signals (West side...blah blah blah), or a presidential wave like Ombama's or perhaps even the Queen of England's royal wave, wearing white gloves and all