Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seki'a Free Nights!

Hanging out with some of the students in my school.

Remember keep left on the road! I heard Samoa is the first country to switch from right side of the road to the left. Most countries switch the other way.

Free nights
I finally found a way to use the “free nights” I get on my telephone. The local cell phone company has a lot of great promotions, one of which is if you talk for three minutes, you then get three free hours of talk at night, between midnight and 7 am. Those are horrible times to call anyone, especially when you want to sleep yourself.
On Thanksgiving weekend, a few of us were taking the 6 am boat together, so we were all sleep deprived and had free nights on our phones. So we decided to use them, since others should be awake, just like us.
After my first wake up call to another Peace Corps, I think it was Cassie, I checked my balance, and I was surprised to see how much of my free minutes were left. I had 178.6 minutes left out of me 3 hours. Not only was I surprised that it wasn’t only 1 free call, but the minutes were rounded to the nearest second.
The other volunteer and I decided to keep calling people to see who could use the most of their free minutes. We felt a little bad, thinking we might be waking people up, but reassured ourselves by remembering that they needed to get to work soon.
After each call, we checked our balance, and were upset when the minutes were slow to go down.
Now, I am on summer vacation from work, and so I am taking a break from my free talk. (I still get upset when I am awoken throughout the night by people trying to use their free nights, but I don’t want to seek revenge.)
A little over a month until school starts back up again. I think when it does, I’ll return to free calling some mornings to give wake up calls to my friends for work.

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