Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cyclone Comedy Continues

The Cyclone Comedy Continues
Well….it's raining harder than it has in awhile. I don't know if this
means the cyclone has actually come. Probably not though. I am not
saying that the storm did not hit Samoa, because I did get a text from
another volunteer saying a village close to the shore was destroyed
because of it (makes me happy I live uta!). Also, Apia is still
flooded (and has been since Thursday).
The boats are still not running, it makes me worried that they haven't
been running in 4 days how bad the water might be. I have to get to
Apia when they start running again, and I know that will be a rough
A few of us are considering Hurricane Wilma a bit of a comedy, since
we are missing real updated news about it. We just keep getting texts
with warnings about the cyclone coming soon with heavy rains and
strong winds. For the past week it has been raining on and off all
day, every day. I have never been in a cyclone, but I know I should
be expecting worse than we have been getting.
The cyclone drama lives on….

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