Friday, January 21, 2011


Last week, Jenny and I rode our bikes through the floods of Upolu.
The water was flooded on the malaes (grassy areas), and some on the
road. Most it was, was a few inches deep. It wasn't too bad for us
to go through. This was during the two week period where we were told
that there was flooding, even though I never saw it in my area.
It had been raining a lot for the past few days, and I talked with a
friend staying at one of the resorts in town and apparently, the
flooding has gotten worse. The flooding has reached some of the
expensive hotels in the Apia area.
Tonight on the news I saw that the flooding is as bad as I heard on
the phone. At the market, it has gotten really dreadful. The water
is at least a foot deep. Surprisingly, business is going on as usual.
People are standing at their stalls with the water as deep as their
knees hoping for business, while the Samoan Water Authority and the
Fire Department work on the flooding.
With bad weather on stall for the next few days, that may turn into a
cyclone, the flooding will only get worst. It makes me happy that I
live on Savai'i. Savai'i doesn't have as much flooding as Upolu, as
the water can run off into the ground. Upolu has a lot of concrete,
with sidewalks and roads that the water has no place to go, so it
floods. There are a few places that do flood here, like the river in
Rachel's village, but it is nothing compared to Upolu.

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