Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
It was John the Welder's 70th birthday, and Lissa and I decided to
celebrate it. We would cook a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and
bake a cake. But in the spirit of Samoa, things don't always turn out
as planned.
We mixed up the cake, boiled the water for spaghetti and cut up
vegetables to put in the sauce. I turned on the oven for the cake,
and it was not working. We spent about half an hour trying to figure
out how to fix this oven, but nothing we tried worked. We could not
get it to turn on. The rest of the food was coming out great, as we
toasted the bread on the burners with butter and garlic.
I began thinking, and I thought of my brother Billy. Billy has a
sweet tooth, and one of the things he used to love when he was a
teenager was getting birthday pancakes made by my dad. Instead of
using pancake mix, use cake mix.
I decided why not do as Billy does.
I used the entire batter to make what felt like millions of pancakes.
It ended up being a success, as everyone was happy that they were bite
sized and easier to eat than a full cake. No utensils were needed to
much on these little cakes.
The birthday party was a lot of fun, and I think we are going to use
birthday pancakes again in the future, since they are more convenient
for Samoa.

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