Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last year Chanukkah was celebrated one night in the village of Manese with Jim, Trent, Ali, Rachel and myself. We didn’t have much to celebrate the holiday with, but being in each other’s company was enough for us.
This year Jen and Cammi arrived for the first night of Chanukkah and brought dreidle, candles and a menorah. It was nice of them to be so prepared. Many of the 8 nights of Chanukkah we spent by ourselves, but it was nice because we had all the supplies to make the time worthwhile.
One night we were invited over to one of the Peace Corps staff’s house to celebrate the holiday. It was such an amazing time as we felt so much as a part of their family. We had such an amazing meal full of latkes, vegetables, fish, and other goodies. The whole time their son was quizzing us on the million of riddles he knew. Throughout the night we shared our different traditions for the holiday as we said the prayer accompanying the candles and we saw their family exchange gifts. It felt so nice to be included into another family.
Next year for Chanukkah my two years will be finished, so hopefully I will be able to spend it how I grew up with my family playing dreidle with my brother convinced he will always end the night with more pennies than me, while the rest of my family becomes worn-out from playing. Each year we talk about of the time we played dreidle and my hair decided it wanted to collide into the menorah cause a small fire on my head.
I am really looking forward to next year’s Chanukkah.

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