Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting from here to the rain

Taking a break from playing volleyball in the rain.

Rainy day activities in the village.

It gets so wet, the sand turns to mud and everyone is slipping all over the place.

Volley on the malae.

As you can tell I am horrible at volley, since I don't pay attention.

Rainy Times
I sat in the Peace Corps office looking out the window every few minutes for the ferry to arrive. It was raining really hard, so it was hard to see the wharf, but I was sure I would be able to see a big boat arrive. The 2 o’clock boat from Upolu didn’t show up, which made the busses stay put, or some of them left sneakily, without my knowledge. (There was also no 12 o’clock boat, so busses hadn’t left for a long time.)
Around five o’clock I started looking out the window constantly. The big boat should be arriving any minute I thought. I saw my bus lined up with the others, and did not want to get on a stuffy bus with all the windows shut for a long time. I decided to keep waiting in the office where I had a good view of everything.
Around 5:30 there was still no sign of the ferry, but there started to be some action in the parking lot with the busses. They were leaving anyway. When the weather is bad, causing the ocean to become rough, boats do not leave for safety precautions. I have seen this once before, and based on the weather the past few days I was not completely surprised.
I ran out of the office and caught the bus on the road. All of the windows were shut because of the downpour. I hate being in busses in the rain because of the windows being shut. Besides it being stuffy, it does not stop people from smoking which makes the busses have a horrible smell.
I was lucky to sit next to a person who valued fresh air as much as I did, and was constantly opening and closing his window based upon the change in weather as we drove west. Sitting in the middle of the bus I had a few raindrops travel across the wooden ceiling of the bus and fall on top of my head. Even though it may be raining, it does not stop passengers from wanting the bus driver’s assistant to go shopping for them.
By the time we reached my village, the rain had paused for a moment, so I enjoyed a nice dry walk home.

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