Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears...are not in the circus!

Us at the circus.


The circus is in town, and I was so excited when I heard about it . I had to go opening night because of how amazing I heard it was in the past. I didn’t know much about the circus, except that there was a midget that was always in commercials, and from the advertisements there was a four legged man.

I talked Dana and Cassie into going with me, and we knew it would be a different event from the minute we walked inside the big tent. For a special treat we got cotton candy, to pretend like we were in a circus in America.

We sat on the side, in the front row, and our seating was perfect. The circus began with two Samoan ladies doing tricks on balls. They were standing and walking on those giant yoga balls, while juggling different items. They then went on an uphill obstacle course. It was real impressive.

Other acts included a man riding the world’s largest unicycle. (In my attempt to see the world’s largest everything, this was a big one for me!) An amazing foot juggler from Nepal. She juggled such big items with her feet, then put on this devise that was about 30 feet high, in which she bounced a ball up several platforms until it got in a basket. There were hula hoop artists and trapeze artists along with a few doing Circ De Sole acts. Some of the men performed dances on a pole. It was amazing to watch as they looked like they were running vertically to get to the top. There were clowns, that were pretty funny. And last, there were several jugglers. One of the jugglers had just won a world competition on juggling. But even the best get nervous, and in his finale, he lost his footing and fell off the stage onto the front row.

The Magic Circus of Samoa was spectacular, and I recommend anyone goes to see it that can. It is so unlike the circuses I have been to at home since there are no animals. It is just full of talented people. For those reading this in the Pacific area, after the circus is finished in Upolu and Savaii, it is going to American Samoa, Tonga and last to New Zealand. Hope you get to enjoy it!

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