Friday, January 21, 2011

Cyclone Update

Cyclone Update
Right now there is a beautiful sunset over the Pacific. I have a
great view of it from my bedroom window. It is really cloudy and
rainy on the mountains, and it is weird to see a great view of both of
them. For the past few days it has been raining a lot, with having
periods of sunshine throughout the day.
My parents went over to the school (My mom is the principal) to meet
with the school committee. They wanted to get the school ready for
the cyclone and invite the community to stay there. The school
building is not the safest place to be in a storm. The walls are made
of thin wood that is falling apart. There are holes in the ceiling,
causing leaks.
I talked with my sister, and during the storm, many families usually
come to our house since they have a concrete building. (My room is
in the attachment part with thin metal walls, so I will be moving out
of it for the storm.)
I heard stories about the hurricane from 1991, in which the entire
community went to the Morman Church. They were there for several
days, and it was crowded, which caused a big smell in the area.
My dad fixed my radio, and so we have been listening to it, even
though it is in Samoan, and have been giving me updates. The storm
has started to move south, but should hit us during the night. I
heard that winds might reach 40 miles per hour from one person, then
talked to another volunteer and they were told it was 30 knots.
I still have my evacuation bag ready. It is filled with Cliff Bars, a
change of clothes, long sleeves, pants, a book, a flashlight, my
passport, an extra lavalava, my Swiss Army Knife and a little towel.
I'll throw my phone in there if we do need to leave.
I'm staying safe, don't worry mom. I have plenty of people looking
out for me, the Peace Corps office, other volunteers, my family here,
and my entire village. I am in good hands. I promise.

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