Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Volunteer Conference

Peace Corps Samoa

All Volunteer Conference

Since there were only a few volunteers left in Samoa over the holidays that had been serving for over a year, I somehow volunteered myself to run sessions at our All Volunteer Conference. So for the past month I had been extremely busy, and excited about the event.

This AVC was so different than last year as we were given all of the information we needed, but did it in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There was plenty of time for us to interact with the staff, so we got to get to know many new faces.

We even had a fashion contest, and crowned a winner of the best dressed in Samoan clothing. After they collected their prizes, they hit the runway and made it like a modeling shoot.

I love this conference because it really is the only chance we all have to get together, and I feel like I was given such a big opportunity to meet my newest family members.

At the end of the conference, we rapped up with a video, and it was amazing to see what we have accomplished in 2010. We might not see it on a daily basis, but seeing our successes on the screen brought smiles to our faces.

Tomorrow school starts, and it feels like 2011 will be about to begin. Looking at the volunteers we currently have in Samoa, I know it will be just as successful.

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