Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cyclone Update-Eh, Maybe Tomorrow

Cyclone Update-Eh, Maybe Tomorrow
"This cyclone should have a movie about it titled, "Eh, Maybe
Tomorrow". It would be second rate, no action thriller."
I got this text from Rachel and it gave me a laugh. It was after we
got another text message warning us about the cyclone being close to
us. This is the 5th consecutive day that we have gotten text messages
about this cyclone. For the past 4 days they keep saying that the
cyclone will hit within 12-48 hours, with of course no hurricane in
Today after our to'ogani there was a group of men gathered around the
radio trying to listen for updates on the storm.
It feels like every day we prepare for this cyclone with flashlights,
candles and food stored up, and only have showers on and off
throughout the day.
I don't know how bad the ocean currents are, but since Friday all
boats have been suspended. This morning the bus passed by with people
hoping to catch the boat back to Upolu, and a little over an hour
later the bus came back as the boats were still not running.
So I guess I'll see, if the hurricane comes, maybe tomorrow?

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