Friday, January 21, 2011

Laundry Line

Laundry Line
I have always wanted a laundry line in America. When my sister and I
were finishing up our basement. We thought about laundry lines. We
thought it would be neat to put pulleys inside and attach it to the
tree outside and use the window to pull clothes in and out of the
house. It was genius we thought, until we realized the clothes would
touch the ground because the window is from the basement.
Here everyone uses laundry lines, and clothes dry usually within the
day. I love it.
There is only one problem. Sometimes you see your laundry walking
around the village. I experienced this in the training village, and
others constantly see it happen in their villages. It only happened
once to me here.
The sad thing was it was a t-shirt I had attachments to. I really
liked the shirt because it was from the Perimeter Relay race. When I
saw someone wearing it, I comfronted the person. They denied it, and
then changed their shirt. I thought that meant I would get it back,
but the shirt completely disappeared.

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