Friday, January 21, 2011


I rushed back to Savai'I based upon the warning of this storm coming.
I decided to not do my bike ride since it was raining, and from the
weather forecast, it was to rain for the week from the sound of it.
We were supposed to have a conference in Asau next week, and it was up
in the air if we would still have it. We found out today it was
We were first warned about rough seas, simply preventing us from
travelling, and as days have passed (and the rain has stopped) we have
gotten more and more warnings.
It seems strange because it feels there is less rain when we have
cyclone warnings than other times.
As of now, there is a "high probability of a low level cyclone in the
next 24-48 hours".
We were told to get our emergency bags ready in case we need to go to
our regional evacuation points, or otherwise make sure to go inside a
concrete building. (This means I would have to leave my cozy room as
the thin sheets of metal walls are not sturdy enough.) But still to
have batteries charged, food and water ready to go.
Last night on the news I saw the Doppler radar and the storm looked
big, I just wonder where it is. It makes me wish I had more access to
the outside world to see what might happen here.
Will there be a cyclone? You have a better idea that I do as you are
probably on high speed internet and can check.

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