Monday, January 10, 2011

Group 82-I Miss You!

During training, 82 having lunch at the beach.

During training, 82 eating ice cream in a faleo'o.

During training, 82 going to church in a truck.

Some of us enjoying our last moments in America.

Group 82 when we arrived into Samoa.

Return of my Group
For about a month, most of my group has been on vacation, leaving me to secure Savai’i, and one of the Jennys on Upolu. It has been strange for both of us without the help of our normal support group, but somehow we have managed to make it, and have a fun time over the holidays.
This week my group will begin to return home after their trips, and although they might have some amazing stories from their adventures, I am sure to tell them about the many adventures I have had in their absence.
From carnivals to weddings, biking adventures to the people I have met while running, it has been far from a dull month.
I do miss my group, and it will be great when we all get together at the end of the month for conferences to share our stories.

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