Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random facts of how I know I have been in Samoa for a long time…

Spending time with my sister and some of my students on Prizegiving Day.

The pig from prizegiving day.

One of the villages in Upolu.

Random facts of how I know I have been in Samoa for a long time…
I asked someone who was just in America if mullets are in fashion everywhere….apparently they are not… maybe America is behind the times because mullets are definitely in style here.
The other day I was walking through a neighboring village, and I decided to hang out with a family. They were busy cooking a gigantic pig in the outside oven-(umu- which is hot rocks)….and then one of them changed into “palagi clothes” –jeans and a shirt, and all of a sudden turned ugly…It is weird just seeing people in pants when you are not used to it.
I have begun to think there are only a few recording artists out there-Akon, Chris brown, Justin Beiber-but there are a million djs to mix them up.
I think it’s normal to just go to someone’s house, lay down on the floor and sleep.
My diet consists of ramen, peanut butter, jam, bread, crackers, and tuna….(that’s how its been for at least a week) and I have been happy with all the choices because they all sound like amazing foods that are rare to get.
I forgot how to use a can opener…seriously!
My entertainment consists of what activities the churches are putting on.
I went to a village dance, and had to be chaperoned there. (I had people apologize for asking me to dance without talking to my mom first.)
I am so confused with British spelling and American English spelling. I keep mixing up my z’s and s’s when spelling words, and usually try to add a U to an O’s in words. Using spell check is making me more confused, as it is set for American English, and quite often I have to use the other form of English.
How am I supposed to go back to my “normal life” in a year?

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