Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Most Important Items...

Pastors advice
Last week my pastor invited me to lunch at his house after church. I graciously accepted, knowing that I would be indulging myself in some of the best food of the village. After the meal, I was offered a piece of advice from him. Always make sure when you travel you bring two things, since you only need two things in Samoa.
It took me awhile to think of what they might be. During our safety and security training we had to plan our emergency evacuation bags, and a year ago the things we thought were important were can openers, money, food, a change of clothes, and our passports. Some of us thought of machetes to open coconuts, but we never said the two items that he said were necessary.
Are you wondering what they are?
Fia iloa? (Curious?)
A cup and a spoon.
People in Samoa will always give you everything you need, a change of clothes, a place to sleep, or even a bite of food. But sometimes they do not have any clean spoons and cups, so for our own health, we should make sure to carry them with us at all times.
I haven’t added those items to my bag yet, but who knows, maybe I’ll change and see the importance of those things as opposed to the other items.

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