Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rachel, My doctor, my friend

Rachel-My Honorary Doctor
(Please note Lasela is Rachel’s Samoan name, so I used her name interchangeably throughout this. I am not creating imagionary people….I promise!)
Lasela, is one of my best friends over here. I don’t know what I would do without her. She helps me with everything here. I am sure she does the same for everyone back at home, that they must miss her horribly.
Not only does she help me with my little problems, but she also takes a crack at my medical issues over the phone. It is nice to know you can count on her when you live so far from the city, and you know that there will only be a doctor near your village once a week.
Don’t let me confuse you, Rachel was not a pre-med student, in fact she graduated with a degree in anthropology. You may be wondering why I consider Rachel to be my honorary doctor…Here are some of the reasons why:
· Rachel is a hypochondriac, so she knows a lot about sicknesses.
· Lasela has read our medical manual from cover to cover so many times, she must have it memorized. I think it must me on her top ten reading list.
· Rachel and I have previously been in competition for who can have the biggest medical file for our medical officer….we make sure she is really busy all the time.
· Lasela has learned Samoan remedies so much that she now will make up her own and prescribe them. For example I texted her about a stomach ache, she told me to drink hot tea, and stay out of the sun.
Rachel is an amazing second in command to our medical officer! Since I am posting this on Thanksgiving, I would like to say I am very thankful for her friendship, along with all my other PC uso and tuagane! (sisters and brothers)

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