Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prizegiving 2010

Yesterday was our prizegiving at our school. Confusing, since I thought it would be a week later. I felt so unprepared for it because of this. I was told to practice the names of my students, but no one game me the roll until that morning to practice. I also wasn't told what to say, since I didn't know I had to give a speech about my year 4 class. I knew I was going to be testing myself from the start of the day.
I was really impressed with my Samoan language ability since I was able to put together a speech at the top of my head. I also only made two errors on names, and with a class of 29, where I never use their surname, I think that is pretty good.
I was also nervous because I had a gift for the year 8 class, a movie I made for them about their last year at our school. I had planned for having an extra week to make the 33 copies, and was not ready to give them out the day before prizegiving, since I still had 27 copies still to make. I almost pulled an all nighter using the burner software my sister just brought for me. The next morning, I still had 3 left when it was time to head to school. I felt obnixous as I walked to school with my laptop open. Somehow I was able to finish copying before the days events started.
The day overall was pretty amazing, the children danced beautifully, sang great, and were cute as a button.
I will write in more details about the event at a later time, but it's 5am, and I am exhausted and ready to get on the ferry.

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