Monday, August 9, 2010

Around the island?

I had planned my trip for a few months. I was going to bike the 80 or so miles around the island to see what was there. I was going to take a few days to do it originally. I was going to leave Friday after school, bike to Asau and spend the night there. The next morning bike to Manese and spend two days at the beach, continuing Fathers Day Monday to Salelologa or Palauli. Then wake up really early on Tuesday and do the last few hours of biking and arrive about an hour late to school. I was so excited it seemed like such a doable and fun way to see the island.
Then plans began to change. Others began dropping out of our weekend at the beach fun, so the beach was cancelled. I didn’t let it dampen my spirits though. I was still going to see the island, but only push myself further. Instead of just going to Asau after school, I would continue on the deserted hilly road to Sasina to spend the night there. Then wake up as early as possible to bike to Palauli, or possibly home. I was excited, and told many people of my plans so they could meet me for breaks on the road.
I went to school Friday anticipating a good day. I luckily had only one class, year 5. When my time with them was over, they went to the assembly for singing with the rest of the older kids while the younger kids played games outside.
I kept switching between groups having the time of my life. The young ones were separating into their four color teams and playing different little games with a ball. They were so well behaved and cute as a button.
The older kids were singing songs with one of the teachers as she goofed off with them calling different children to dance while the others sang. Samoans sing so beautiful, I think it is because they are fearless, but nevertheless, I love listening to them. I sat down on a stool and admired them for awhile. I wanted to be a little closer, so I moved my stool a few feet over.
The wall fell down. I am serious when I say that. A wall. A wall that separates the two rooms. Apparently the stool was holding it in place, I was so terrified I screamed and jumped because it was close to landing on my head. I cautiously picked up the wall, and leaned it against where the other parts of the wall were, and put the stool back.
After I gave everyone a few giggles the teacher that was leading the choir left the room, and the kids requested me taking over with the songs we had been singing during English. Most of them are little kids songs that I thought they would get bored of quickly, but they seem to love them. We sing them in school every day, whenever I see them in the village, the kids try to sing them with me as well. We had been working on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in years 6-8, for a challenge, and the kids wanted to test it out. So we did, and with only a few errors the kids were amazing.
It was finally time for malologa, recess and lunch. The balls came out in full speed as soon kids were in every direction playing rugby, soccer, volleyball and many more games. After spending some time with the kids, I was dismissed from school so I could begin my long journey.

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