Sunday, August 1, 2010


Tuesdays and Thursdays I ride my bike two villages away to the kolisi to assist with homework help in the computer lab. It takes less than ten minutes to ride my bike so I don’t mind going there and finding not much to do.
Last week I ran into that twice. On Tuesday, the kids had a lot of work due, so they went home right after school. I spent the time with the women teachers gossiping. It was an enjoyable time.
Thursday I rode my bike up and saw smoke. “Oh no,” I thought. “I hate the smell of burning trash.” I came closer and was surprised. All of the teachers were sitting around and some of the students and the newer teachers were barbecuing. They turned on the radio, and began dancing as we had fun cooking and spending time together. It was one of the teachers last days and they were celebrating her service to the school.
I stayed there for several hours having a good time dancing and eating with my friends and colleagues at that school. I enjoy being at the kolisi for the students and from the company from the teachers.
I began to ride my bike home just before sunset, happy with the amazing afternoon shared with the teachers.

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