Sunday, August 1, 2010

Staff Meetings are like a Gambling Hall

Staff meetings are always interesting. I never know quite what goes on at them, and pick up little pieces of them whenever I attend. I miss some meetings so I can spend more time with the kids teaching, but sometimes I get lassoed into the staff room.
Every meeting feels like a gambling hall. The teachers have their own savings account/loan system. They each put it a certain amount of money each week, and teachers can choose to take some of that money out for falavelaves or other needs. If you borrow more than you put in, interest is charged. At the end of the year the teachers get back whatever money they put in that they did not re-borrow.
They also talk about the money collected from students for fees such as for the toilet and stationary.
Usually at staff meetings uniforms are discussed. This week after going over the colors for each day of the week, the staff decided to add a new uniform to the rotation. Money was collected again for people to go to the store to buy fabric for the new purple uniforms.
At every meeting I have attended they have discussed corporal punishment being illegal as well, and if there are supplies they are divided among the staff members. This week we each got a new pen.
The staff meetings can be interesting, but I am happy they are only biweekly.

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