Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shrinking Pisi Koa Family

We started with 23 amazing people, 18 girls and 5 boys. Group 82 was ready for the adventure. But life happens, and people had to leave one by one for different reasons.
Again, we are losing two more people, our amazing mom and dad of the group. One has medical issues, and the other is getting his service interrupted because of this falavelave to accompany her home.
Tomorrow they leave and we will only be left with 15 members of our group. Thirteen females and two males. Since training ended in December, five now have left, all have been placed in Upolu.
Does this mean that Savai’i really is the better island, as we have not lost any of our volunteers yet? Maybe the fewer people, creates fresher air, and more enjoyably volunteers.
Either way, I wish the two of them a safe and happy return to America.

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  1. i miss group 82! I think they should come back now...