Sunday, August 1, 2010

Village Boys

I was riding my bike home, and like usual there were many distractions to keep me from getting to my destination. The first decision to stop was an easy one to make. I saw a few kids in a mango tree and they offered me one. Mangos are something I can never turn down. They are too delicious! I spent some time on a hill sitting with a group of kids eating mangos.
I hopped back on my bike and rode about ten feet before I was stopped again. This time by a few boys in my village. I was intrigued to go over there because the boys were taking turns riding a bike inside the house. I hung out with them in a fale. Like most Samoans they loved my bicycle helmet and had to try it on. We had a good time hanging out listening to music.
What surprised me was what happened next. I am used to girls acting this way, but not boys. I had my hair braided in a pony tail, but there were a few loose strands from my smaller pieces of hair. The boy sitting next to me began taking them and braiding them. I had a little tail of braided hair, similar to many people in the village.
I kept the braid in my hair all day, while I was running, playing volleyball and just chatting with people in my village. Every single one of them mentioned the tail and complimented it. It was really comical.
I never thought I would spend an afternoon hanging out with boys as they braided my hair.

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