Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spilling off my Bike

I should feel special that everyone cares so much about me. I’ve been asked tons of time if I am okay based on my leg. I guess it does look pretty bad. There are cuts maybe 4 inches long and two inches wide, and today I realized that I have just as big a bruise growing on the other side of my leg.
I have also been walking around with tape going around my foot. I have a deep cut there, and don’t want anything to get inside it. But I think seeing the tape around my foot worries people.
I know I talk about running a lot, and it is because it is one of the few activities I really enjoy doing in my village before dark. I think it is more interesting to talk about than the books I read. So I apologize in advance to Jen, Holly and whoever else is reading this that is sick of running stories.
So I decided to run to the left today so I could play volleyball. I had gone the entire day without credit on my phone since none of the stores in the villages surrounding me had credit for me to top up my phone. My mission was to run until I could find a store that had credit. It took about 2 miles for me to find it. My leg was aching the entire time, but I was proud of myself for ability to keep going.
On the way home I stopped for volleyball in the rain. The rain meant that the ball was wet and completely dirty. Really quickly it was not just my leg different colors. My arms were speckled with brown dirt and white…not sure where the white was from, but it was on my arms. The dirt travelled onto my face. I felt like Pig Pen from Snoopy. I had a lot of my teammates laughing at the colors I turned. I think they made sure to keep passing to it me for that purpose.
When sunset was approaching, I decided that I was running out of time to get the two villages back to my home, so I jogged back to make sure I had time to rinse off in the bathing pools of the village next to me. The bathing pool had about 10 people in it, including a few kids having the time of their lives as they cannon balled in the water, drenching my sneakers.
I made it home just before the sun set, still a bit dirty and wet. A nice cold shower was exactly what I needed, and it felt great.

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