Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Wiggy Weekend

Many of the people in my group have been going through rough times. On the roller coaster of our journey we are almost at about 10 months in, and it is good that we are here for each other. Because of this Rachel and I decided to spend some time together.
After school we met up and decided that to have the most amount of fun we would have to step into other people’s shoes. Now instead of buying new shoes, Rachel and I decided to buy wigs. For the rest of the time we spent together I had auburn hair while she had yellow as the sun hair. They looked fabulous.
We headed over to one of our favorite places where we hung out by the water with one of our friends, “Knockout”. (A few weeks ago we translated his name. It really translated to face punch.) We played games and had a dance party in our new identities.
It was finally dinner time, and we desperately wanted good Samoan barbeque. We had Knockout call around to see if a place was open, so we could have a taxi deliver food for us. However we were out of luck. Good thing where we were there was amazing food and ate amazing breadfruit fries with poke.
During dinner we met an amazing couple from New Zealand that loved the spirit of our wigs and had a great time chatting with them for the next day. They thought the wigs were an amazing touch, and were wondering if they would run into more Peace Corps wearing wigs, or if it was only us with the amazing fashion sense.
We also came up with the decision during dinner to try out the only nightclub on our island. We had heard really mixed reviews about it there, and decided we would at least try it. Since we were two girls, we wanted company, and convinced Knockout to come with us.
We walked to the club where the live band was playing great music consisting of ABBA (because of Mama Mia, ABBA has become huge here), Samoan music, and other classics such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. We had an amazing time dancing the night away.
At the club they had a cultural show with amazing men and women dancing. We gladly put in our money to siva with them.
The night was about to end, and it began to rain. Since we missed out running for the day, we decided to jog back to the place we were staying, still in our wigs, which made great umbrellas.
The next morning we woke up to an amazing breakfast, and hopped on a bus to the market. The market was alive as there was a band playing and many people dancing. We window shopped for potential gifts for her nephew, bought some vegetables and headed over to the fish market area. The sea creatures for sale looked amazing. There were sharks, eels, sting rays, and fish of various sizes. Rachel needed to pick up something for to’ogani, and settled on a nice looking octopus.
We headed back, gave the octopus to someone to put in the freezer, and hopped into the ocean for a nice swim. We went back to the deck, hung out with our music and friends, and realized it was finally time to leave.
The time with Rachel was awesome, like usual. It was nice because we had the time to clear our heads from the village and life issues we were dealing with and had a nice short break. We decided that we need to do it more often, buy wigs and spend time together. It inspired a lot of conversations with new friends, and gave us a few chuckles as well.

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  1. I saw a little girl wearing a bright pink wig at the Auckland museum today and I wanted to ask her mom where she got it but I didn't want to seem creepy, so I decided against it. The hunt for wigs is on in Auckland. Miss ya Riri!