Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dogs

The Dogs

                It happened.  I was caught without a rock not knowing what to do.  I began screaming, “Halo!” at the top of my lungs; but the dogs persisted and came even closer to me.  I kept screaming that word to tell the dog to get away as I searched my surroundings for a rock, there was none.  Usually you can always find at least a small rock, but in my neighboring village, there is only too much sand on the road.

                People began coming over to see what was happening.  Another person joined me in yelling, but they came even closer ready to gnaw my leg off. 

                Then from a distance a rock was thrown having the two dogs scatter and I heard a voice, “Lili, don’t you know to always carry a rock with you?”

                Some volunteers carry umbrellas around.  They are good for the heat, and if a dog comes nearby you can try to use it to get them away.  Although I have rocks in all of my bags, I usually only have a rock in hand when I see a dog I know to be particularly nasty.  There usually are no bad dogs in this area.

                I was real lucky that my neighboring village cares so much for me to help shoo the dogs away so I can try to avoid going back to America without scars on my legs from dogs. 


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