Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama vs Obama = Confused Children

Osama vs Obama

On my walk home from school today a few students asked me about Osama, the President of America, and asked why he was killed.  They had apparently watched the news over the past few nights and have been confused over the two names- Obama and Osama.

“Ese ese tagata,” I explained it was a different person.  Obama is the President of America.  Osama is a man who killed many people and so he was killed. 

“Why?” they were curious.  In living in a culture where they do not deal with intolerance and very few murders happen (we had our first murder in a long time last year) they are not used to seeing just in someone dying, or a reason for hating one another. 

I explained that he didn’t like America and so he caused many falavelaves in America. 

A pastor’s daughter piped in, Osama is in the “sami uliuli (black sea)” where he is being eaten by sharks.

I hope by the end of our walk they had a little better understanding of the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Barak Obama. 


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