Monday, May 16, 2011

The Future

The Future Awaits

Well I am off to time travel again.  This time I am going to visit Fiji on the opposite side of the dateline.  On Saturday night I had a little scare about Fiji, and thought my trip might be cancelled.  Someone had told me that Fiji was at war.  Being a volunteer, I am bound to the safety and security officers of whatever countries I travel to that have volunteers, and I was afraid that would mean I would not be going. 

The person I talked to had heard that Fiji and Tonga had started a war against one another.  We were all shocked to hear this information, because usually the islands can be friendly places. 

Someone who facing persecution fled the country, and was picked up by a Tongan Navy boat.  The man was happy because he felt the King of Tonga would be able to protect him. 

Fiji was anxious to get him back, since while over in Tongatapu, he made several interviews with the media and posted a video on Youtube. 

One person I talked to who lived in Fiji for several years told me not to worry, because although both countries have militaries, they are mainly land based and so they would have no way to reach one another.  The only way these countries could fight is if another country supported them.

I was still nervous since my flight was only 2 days away, so I called up Peace Corps Fiji, and they told me it was safe to come.

No war started, the man was sent back to Fiji today, and I will be arriving there tonight (So tomorrow night since it is the future.)  I am off to scuba dive with sharks, let’s hope I am not eaten by one!


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  1. The Fijian fugitive is still in Tonga, but don't worry, Fiji depends of tourism and so tourists are the least affected by political problems.