Monday, May 2, 2011

Mothers Day

New Mommy

Well, Happy early Mother’s Day to me.  I was planning on going for a nice run since the Independence Day race is only one month away, and only 30 seconds into my run I was stopped and ushered into the church hall.  I am now a part of the Mother’s Day celebration and will be singing and dancing with the mothers of my village.

Last year I was approached to do this, and I told them frankly, “I am not a mom.  I have no kids.  It is not a special day for me, it is a special day for you.”  I learned then though that Mother’s day is actually women’s day.  Everyone wants to celebrate the women in the village, whether they have children or not.   I was event present with candy ulu’s to thank me for being such a positive mother (or woman). 

Practice ended with enough time for me to run one mile, and I happily went off in my running shoes before sa was about to start. 

On the way home, I was lead into another church hall in the neighboring village and asked to sing with them as well.  I told them I was unable to as I was going to perform in my village, they looked upset, so I spent time singing with them anyway.  

Mothers Day is looking like it will be a fun day already, especially since I have a few families asking me already if I can join them for toogani after church, and good food always means it will be a good day. 


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