Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Scrabble Controversy


On the news I learned about the new Scrabble Dictionary being published.   From the New Zealand News, Kiwis are outraged about what is inside.  400 new words were add pertaining to slang and pop culture.  Among the words were “MySpace”, “thang” and two words for crystal meth (to be honest I don’t remember what they are called).

Kiwis were hoping  that their footwear, the jandal would make the cut and be in the dictionary.  They were refused based upon the assumption that jandals are only a name brand.  After being in Samoa for a year and a half, I can tell you that assumption is completely incorrect.  Jandals are sandals, flip flops, thongs, or whatever else you call them.  It is the name for the most common footwear in New Zealand and other Pacific Islands. 

The Scrabble Dictionary is published in America, and I am sure just as when I left, the word is just as uncommon as it is today. For me, an average person, many words are completely foreign.   However, this game is played worldwide and the authors need to take that into account.  It would be nice to play against my family and have a word that they need to question, such as the jandal, instead of me questioning all the time. 

According to scrabble, crystal meth gets the cut, but our shoes do not.  Since I am not a professional player, jandals will be a part of my Scrabble game. 


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