Sunday, May 8, 2011

Text 2 Spin

Text to Spin

Every week one of the cell phone companies has a promotion-text to spin. You can text (charges apply) who you think will win that week’s rugby match, and if you are correct you are in the drawing to participate in text to win.

Once a week, everyone gathers around a television to see who wins the text to spin.  Everyone always is curious if there is someone they know winning.  Last week, we heard the voice of one of the teachers at our school and we were all very excited. 

If you win, someone on television spins a wheel which will say the prize that you will get.  It is all monetary, and goes up to $2,000 tala. 

What has always made me laugh is that they announce the number they are calling and show the number on the screen.  I have always wanted to send a text to ask for credit to those people who win, since you know they have money.  I always receive texts from people I do not know asking for credit, and I have always wanted to do the same to someone to see if others actually respond to those requests.

A few weeks ago, I had a real laugh when it was time for text to spin.  Cell phone service was out in my area of Savaii and probably many other places as well.  Since it is a live program, you were able to see the frustration in their eyes as most telephone lines did not go through.  They had to dial at least a dozen numbers until they found a number that worked.

Text to spin may sound boring, and kind of is to me at least, but it is one of the weekly family gatherings in most houses.


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