Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Day

Bad Day

Somehow you know it is going to be a bad day right away.  It might not be exactly bad for you, but you will feel bad as a result.  I came to school and something seemed off.  As we were being served our morning tea, someone went to take a few mats off of a shelf, and PLOP!  A weed whacker fell on me.  It was less than an inch from hitting my head.  It still hurt falling from the distance it did, but I can’t imagine the pain if I was sitting closer to the desk. 

Something else was going to happen, I felt it.  And sadly, I was correct.  Later that afternoon there was an attempted rape from a teenager.  It is so sad to see this happen, not only because of the horrible act, but it is horrible when you know everyone involved.  Luckily, the girl knew to scream loudly and was able to keep the boy off of her. 

This is the second rape attempt in the village since I have been here.  As soon as the one other girl found out what happened, she ran to her and showed as much support as possible.  The two of them are acting as their own support group.  It is really good to see them helping each other. 

I am hoping for this to be one of the last bad days like that.


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