Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travelling Teacher

The Life of A Travelling Teacher

Who knew that while student teaching in the small town of Sheridan, Wyoming (It is big for Wyoming standards) that I would be preparing myself for being a travelling teacher.  When I first started student teaching, I found it difficult as I was a travelling teacher.  Half of my time was spent in the first grade classroom, while the other half was spent with a reading recovery specialist.  The travelling was hard for me, as I felt like I never had the opportunity to meet and get to know the children as well as a normal classroom teacher.  Through my struggles, I thought about switching majors, and then found contentment when I was placed fulltime in a grade 5 classroom.  I was finally able to see the joy of being a teacher.  I was happy with my career decision. 

A few years later I found myself teaching in Samoa, becoming the travelling teacher.  I would go to sometimes seven different classrooms in a day.  It kept me busy, but I enjoyed it.  But this year, after we received grant help to build a new school building,  I had the opportunity to become a real travelling teacher. 

Our school is in nine different houses, which means I hoof it with my backpack and an armful of extra materials to teach all of my many students.  I get to face the heat of the sun, rain, and dogs as I head around the village to all of the different “classrooms”. 

It is enjoyable but dealing with the atmosphere makes it sometimes difficult.  At least I am up for the challenge as a journey around the village. 


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