Friday, July 15, 2011

Samoa Challenge 3

Samoa Challenge 3

After being rejected in two villages for a health project, I had thought about giving up.  Someone tried helping me in a third village, but that didn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I was getting frustrated, because I was doing all that I could, while still seeing absolutely no results. 

Then I became a semi coach, helping girls train for their college competition.  I thought why not try with these teenagers?  They are Samoans that most of the year are typical, however now have the inspiration to become athletes.  If we start them with wanting to live a healthy life now, it might help them for the rest of their lives, and they might be able to inspire their families members.  (Hey I can dream, can’t I?)

62 teenagers are scheduled to sign upon Monday  and sign the pledge for a healthier lifestyle.  Along with that 15 teachers are slated to sign up.  These teachers have been training with the kids after school daily.  It has been really impressive to watch, since these are teachers that never choose to exercise, and here they are trying their best to help the kids. 

Teenagers inspiring adults and adults inspiring teenagers about health.  It is a really nice thing to see.

I also talked with someone in another village, and I might get a small group of women to also join the challenge. 

Here’s hoping for a change to combat diabetes and high blood pressure. 


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