Saturday, July 9, 2011

Island Living

Island Living

Although island living has its advantages, such as the beautiful ocean all around and wonderful scenery, it often has its disadvantages.  The disadvantages come when it comes to shopping and being more like the Western World.

The disadvantage I have seen recently, is when trying to shop for a new modem for internet access in my village.  For two weeks I found out they were out of stock on my island, and two weeks later, I learned that they were out of stock on both islands.  I  enquired at the store when I could get internet again, and they said it would be another month or so.  Meaning whenever the right boat comes in.

Another disadvantage that I noticed, is when it comes to food shopping.  For two weeks, my island was without butter, for 3 weeks it was without eggs, and you never know what specialty expensive food would be out to make it even more of a treat to eat.

Five more months and my food options won’t be so limited.  Shopping at the stores will have what I need in stock, and probably much more that I don’t need as well.


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