Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Trip for The Champions

Winners’ Picnic

Peace Corps had an essay and art contest for their 50th anniversary, and my students places 1-5 in the primary art competition, and 1-3 in the primary essay competition, along with students at my local college placing 1-2 in their college art competition.  This was a competition from all of Samoa!  They were in year 4, 6, 7, and 12, and represented three different villages.  Of course, I have been ecstatic with how well they did, and wanted to give them a great prize since they were unable to come to Apia for the celebration because of the distance. 

We decided to have a fish and chips party for my 8 winners  (the other 2 will have a celebration on another day).  Ordering from the local eatery, it took awhile for our food to come (even though we put the order in yesterday).  It didn’t bother my students though.  I had my camera, and let them take pictures and videos with it.  It is beautiful to see the students using technology for the first time, because at first they are always so unsure and scared of breaking everything, but over time they begin to feel comfortable, and that is when the funny pictures come out. 

When we got our meals, one of the girls picked up a French fry (chip) and asked what it was.  It was amazing to me that it was her first time seeing that common food.  We shared soda as we ate, the children making sure to save a portion for their families at home, which is very Fa’aSamoan in their mannerisms. 

We walked each child to their house as they proudly carried their food to their parents.  It was such a great day and worth the money spent on the adventure because the children rarely get rewarded for their good deeds.  They were so appreciative and spending the extra time with them after school was such a great treat for myself.  I am so proud of my students.


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