Thursday, July 28, 2011

Track and Field and Cheerleading

Track and Field and Cheerleading

Yesterday was the last day of practice before our big track and field meet.  It was raining, and I skipped the previous practice because of the rain, however everyone was there, including all of the teachers.  They did all of their practice races barefoot, since wearing sandals you have a better chance to slip in the rain.  But I was still nervous of them slipping on the wet grass, or any of those brown piles on the field.  (Which is why I didn’t run with them...)

On Wednesday, the day I skipped, a javelin went through someone’s foot, and I am happy I missed seeing the blood from that. 

The kids did pretty good, many of them knocked some of their time off, however hearing the college records discouraged them.  They needed the reminder that this is for fun, and to just do their best. 

Last night I worked with some of the girls to create cheers for the race on Friday.  They are very excited to become cheerleaders, as we chanted after our run:

“We are Pasco (Shortened name for the school), the mighty, mighty Pasco.  Everywhere we go, people wanna know who we are, so we tell them…”

“U G L Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you ugly, yea, yea you ugly!”  For some reason, the girls really liked that one..

and much more.  They asked me to come to their school to teach the cheers to all of the athletes, but I am unable to make it without missing my teaching responsibilities, so just made sure the girls all knew the words.  The girls will be better teachers than me anyway. 

I have had such a great time training with these kids, and I really hope I am able to join them on Friday for their races.  They may not be the fastest runner and the strongest athletes, but they have some of the biggest hearts. 

Think red and yellow!


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