Friday, March 5, 2010

The Dating Show

The dating show
To make up for missing church a few times from being out of town, I am quickly making up for it by going any day that I can. (Well only on the weekends…I do not want to commit to the 5:30 am service.)
At church on Saturday I went to the evening service and they did the one thing I hate about church. They completely call me out and ask me what my beliefs are. They switch to English and look at me directly and say, “What do you think about this Lili?” I never know how I should respond to this. I usually just do a quick agreement because I do not want to start an argument over religion. I did get to practice my reading in samoan in the Tusi Pa’ia.
I have really enjoyed going to church, and I never thought I would say this. It gives me a time to see my community, enjoy beautiful singing, practice my Samoan, and think about my future.
After the three hours of church on Sunday, I went to to’ogan’i at the faife’au’s house. It was real nice because I talked with his wife and helped his daughter with her math homework. (I love the Momona education system here! They are some of the best teachers it seems like!) When we sat down to eat the faife’au brought over a guest. Throughout the entire meal the faife’au was trying his best to entice me into dating that man. (Did I remember why Momona men are the best? They don’t smoke, drink or beat their wives. It is part of their rules. You cannot trust a man who is of a different religion because he might beat you”) Needless to say it did not make me decide to find a husband, or even a uo at this time.
I stayed there for hours chatting about all different things and it was nice and relaxing. I showed the daughter how to plan before writing to make herself more organized, and her mom was so impressed! They gave me Samoan bananas (they look like a banana who took steroids…. And they taste amazingly!) and vee (similar to an apple) to take back to my family before I returned home (to take my cat urine pill).
I never thought I would enjoy the experiences church gives me.

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