Monday, March 22, 2010


I can’t seem to understand rugby. I want to learn the rules so badly. In the training village I played with the boys sometimes and learned a little. In my village the people play tackle and they are strong, so they play rough….which makes me fefe (scared)! Last week there weren’t many people playing so I was able to join in, as I was still wearing my dress clothes from school. It was fun having them pass the ball to me, and I think I was doing okay.
However, after playing for awhile, more people showed up, and nevertheless I got kicked out of the game for not being good enough.
Tonight the Sevens tournament cup was on tv and in the finals USA played against Samoa. During the broadcast they mentioned that in the US rugby was getting bigger, although I have never seen this happen, and leaving only 5 months ago, I didn’t think things had changed that much.
This was the first time that the US made it into the finals and they showed a lot of effort. However, they did not prevail. (I just learned that the US won the last Olympics in rugby…and are hoping for a repeat.) Samoa was victorious and did an amazing dance to show their victory. Samoa has a lot of talent in rugby and I love being able to watch it.
So again Samoa shows themselves as being superior in rugby. I love it! Seki’a Samoa!

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  1. Come to NYC and you'll be watching rugby in every single bar... ;-8

    e faia pea... hehe

    Go Manu!!