Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passover Eve

No busses-denied!
After a weekend of spending time with my Samoan family, meeting the US Coast Guard, shopping for Passover, and scuba diving, I was ready to head home. I headed on the 4:00 boat (There are only two on Sundays). The cab driver taking us to the market tried to scam us into thinking there was no pase o va’a today, and we fell for it and took his cab to the wharf.
The ferry was nice and relaxing which meant I was able to sleep well. Sitting on the outside deck, there was a wonderful breeze and I loved having my feet flop off the side of the boat.
When we got to Savaii I felt relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for the work week….however people had other plans in store for me..
There were only 3 busses there. Two going to the north shore and one going to the south shore. There was no bus for my district, or the district that is after mine.
We waited..
And waited…
And waited…
Finally I got smart and called the bus driver. There would be no busses running to either place tonight and I should take a cab.
Taking a cab is about 14 times the cost of the bus…and simply cannot be done.
So we tried to bargain rides from others…but none of them were heading our way.
So here I sit, looking at a text message I got from Rachel explaining her day. “In the spirit of Passover, overcoming the lack of busses was a hardship I had to overcome…”
I am enjoying an early start to Passover in similar fashion.
Tomorrow the busses will run. I will get home. I will get to school. Life will go on, and today will just be one of those many days where the busses just did not come.

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