Monday, March 22, 2010

It is a learning experience

Things I Have Learned
 No matter how much money I think I spend in a month, I always seem to spend the same amount. It doesn’t seem to affect how often I go to the city or go out for food. It all averages out. I do not understand it.
 Not every teacher will be as enthused with teaching as I am. And having them in the classroom not teaching is still better than having them just hang out in the staff room.
 Never listen to people in America about downloading files you need when you pay by the megabyte for internet. The internet is still slow, and although the file may seem small in American standards, when you are using dial up internet, and paying for every little bit it adds up. Just think of AOL when internet was just getting started.
 When curry gets on your nice white church clothes the stain appears yellow. Then when you wash it, the stain turns red. Only after bleaching it like crazy will you get it back to its original color.
 Anytime you talk to someone they are your pe’u
 Going to the bank is important. Make sure you have enough money at your site for any expense that may arise. Because the last bus to the city leaves while school is still in session, so bank trips can only be made on weekends.
 Anything can be used to make a fan. Cardboard from boxes make great temporary fans.
 Drinking caffeine is a luxury. Enjoy every sip of your coke.
 Although you may not know anything that is going on in the outside world, you will still learn that the outside world does not seem to effect Samoa. Also getting newspapers and magazines that are months old make us realize how out of the loop we really are.

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