Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oka Oka La'u Hani

Oka Oka La’u Hani
I just want to dedicate this to my awesome sister Jen and amazing brother Billy. It was great talking to you the other day…and allowing me to sing to you…So whenever you miss me…just attempt to sing this splendid song.
Oka oka la’u hani
La’u hani faasilisili
Out e faatusaina I se apa helapi
Po’o se pisupo sili
Po’o se masikeke mai Fiti
P’o sina sapasui
O ni tamato ma ni pi
Tia tia e tofa
O le a ta tetea
E leai se mamao tele ga’uta
Avonoa sou taimi
Telefoni ane I se itula pe fsi sau leta
Avane I se motoka
Afai lava ua tonu
Ua tonu I lou finagalo
Ta faaipoipo
O ane I se Pikopo
E leagao le taatua
Tele ai le tiapolo
Pe maua sau pepe
O le pepe o le po
And now for the even better translation of the song. Believe me it will make you want to learn this song.
Oh honey, my honey
My foremost honey
I compare you to a can of hellaby
Or the best corned beef
Or a biscuit cake from Fiji
Or some chop suey
With tomatoes and peas
Dear, my dear farewell
We are going to part
But the distance is not great
So when you have time
Call me at some hour
Or write a letter and send it by car
If it is agreeable with your will
We’ll get married
Let’s go to the Bishop
To play around is bad
And there’s a devil
Or else you will have a baby
The baby of the night.
Admit it…you are now hooked and singing this song too. I have been trying to sing it for the past few months…however I can only remember the first two lines and the last one. Which makes everyone laugh when I suddenly skip to “o le pepe of le po”.

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