Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Fever

For some reason my school seems to have baby fever. Out of the ten professionals in our school building, one of them had a baby between the first and second term, another one had hers a week ago, and a third is pregnant.
There are no rules at our school to prevent teachers from bringing their kids to school, which sometimes causes a big distraction. Babies and toddlers often join their parents when they come to teach. Sometimes students are pulled out of their classrooms to help take care of the kids, other times they run around the school as if they own the building. Babies are brought for mom to feed them.
I feel bad for some of the students on certain days, if their teachers were not playing the parental role, they would be getting a much better education. Even though I do not have a kid to bring to school, my teaching still suffers because of this falavelave. I have had toddlers walk into my classroom armed with sticks, wanting to hit my students. I spend a lot of time trying to pry sticks out of hands, while hiding others, and still trying to prevent a little girl from crying.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Elisa’s principal has banned teachers from bring their children to school. It sounds great on paper, except for when you take a look to examine what is really happening. Teachers now have to go home throughout the school day to nurse their baby. When Elisa asked, why they couldn’t just bottle it, she was told it would hurt too much.
It makes you wonder, what is the better solution. Being there with only half your attention on your students, or leaving throughout the school day. If only all the teachers were male, it would solve this problem completely!

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