Friday, October 15, 2010

Teachers' Day

Teachers Day
The day before, I heard every teacher remind students to bring their gifts. The following day, October 5th would be Teachers’ Day and the students were expected to bring gifts for their students.
On Teachers’ Day I arrived at school early and the malae was filed with students having wrapped gifts. Unlike most days, the students were dressed in their sports uniforms. I knew the day would be interesting from the start.
The day started with an assembly, the kids were asked if they brought gifts for their teachers, those that did went to the classroom to give the teacher their gifts, those that did not stayed back in the hall.
In the classroom, the students names were called out, they gave their gifts to their teacher, while their teacher wrote down what each student gave. Some students gave laundry soap, others gave bathing soap, and few gave clothes, fabric and money.
Afterwards the students headed back to the hall, where they sang a few songs, then headed to the malae where they played assorted games. School was over by eleven.
That day the teachers compared what each student gave them, and decided who was superior based upon the gifts.
For me, it was a nice relaxing day.

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