Friday, October 22, 2010

Going to School is a Lot Like Going to a Restaurant

Testing Week
This week is the year 8 National Exams, which means school is canceled. They do not want distractions in the school, so the solutions is to keep the others at home. Teachers are switched around from school to school to proctor the tests, which makes the week interesting.
The teachers who are not proctoring the tests at other schools still have to attend school. They are to prepare food for the teachers from the other schools. They are not alone though. Four children from the year 7 class had come to assist the teachers with passing out the food, making sure everyone had the apa and a solo (bowl of water and towel to wash hands with), and clearing the table when the meal had finished.
The day starts with breakfast, today I was to help out by slicing bread (tipi falaoa-new verb for me so I am excited to remember it). I then joined the 3 test proctors, members of the school committee and the first assistant (vice principal) for breakfast. For events where someone from outside comes to visit, there is always amazing food, and today was no exception. The food felt like it was overflowing off the table. I ate so much, even knowing that I will be eating more in just a few hours when the exam finished.
While the exam is going on, the teachers relax in the room designated the “kitchen” until the food began to arrive for lunch. While they were relaxing, I helped organize the library by putting books into fiction and nonfiction sections of the library.
After lunch we all cleaned up, and headed home.
Although it doesn’t sound like much, it is busy for the teachers, especially since it is a full week long.
I am looking forward to school starting up again next week.

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