Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daylight Savings Woes

Daylight Savings
For some reason, Samoa decided to start Daylight Savings. I find it really weird because there does not seem to be a need for this anymore. Living where I do, I did not get the memo of the time switch, and since it happened on a Saturday night, I showed up to church pretty late the following day.
My telephone, of course, didn’t change on its own, and I was confused on the time for the entire day, and following day.
On Monday, when I woke up for school, it was still dark, and according to my watch, I was running late. I was so confused that I had to call Rachel and find out the actual time.
I have gotten a little more used to the time, although I am still confused. At school I get to arrive just after sunrise, which means I get a beautiful view of the sky changing over the ocean. It is amazing to see the colors. At night, the sun sets close to eight at night, which is strange.
Since the change happened so suddenly, I haven’t been able to find a good groove to enjoy the speed of life in. In the morning, I always want to stay in bed because it is still dark when I need to get ready. In the afternoon, during my normal running time, I have trouble going because it is still too hot and do not know if I should wait, or just go. Dinner time is always after sunset, so now we eat extremely late. (I then get super hungry in the afternoon, knowing that I have to wait so long for dinner.) Which in turn, ruins my nine o’clock bed time. I then go to sleep late, and wake up exhausted. This pattern continues day after day.
Hopefully soon I will find a schedule that fits me. Until then, I need to get used to it since it will be like this for the next six months.

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