Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fast Forward Through Life

Fast Forward

If you ever watch a movie in Samoa, you will see quickly the difference between what is appropriate, and what is not. Public display of affection is rarely viewed in Samoa. In fact with the exception of one time at night, palagi visitors, and people in Apia, it is something that I never see. This includes hand holding. (Although it is completely appropriate if you are the same sex.)
When you watch a movie with a Samoan, if there is something as little as a kissing scene it is fast forwarded. This means pressing the skip button on your DVD, and you end up missing a whole chunk of the movie. I think it is really interesting, since it is things in America that would be rated G, or things that are appropriate for television.
Because of this, when watching a movie with a Samoan, you have to know the movie ahead of time. One day I slept over Dana’s house and we were watching a movie with about 40 people from her village. (Who doesn’t want to hang out with Dana? She is amazing!) Dana had watched this movie once before and knew a kissing scene was coming up, however wasn’t sure where. She sat up next to the screen for about twenty minutes, ready to press the fast forward button, and therefore not offend her neighbors.
At home I have the same experiences. My sister is constantly fast forwarding through whatever she is watching. (I do not think I have a full half hour of something without fast forwarding.)
The only time we get to watch something complete is in the privacy of our own rooms.

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