Friday, October 22, 2010

Living in a bubble


For the past two months I have noticed my family not watching as much television. I didn’t understand why, but I didn’t question it. One day I really wanted to watch the news, and turned on the television, all that I saw was snow. Fuzz across the screen. I figured there was something wrong with our antenna that day and didn’t try it again.

Yesterday I was over someone’s house and they were complaining about the lack of television reception. Apparently our local tv tower is having problems, and has been our for over two months. Throughout my side of the island television is out.

Before I felt as though I lived on a deserted island at times, sometimes with an isolation from the rest of the world. Where I live we do not have the paper delivered, and radio reception does not work. My only access to the outside world was watching New Zealand news, and my minimal time online. Now, without television reception, I only hear news from whatever people send through email.

I can tell you all sorts of village gossip from the south west side of Savai’i, but when it comes to outside my bubble, I am as confused as can be.

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