Friday, October 22, 2010

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo
I was telling Supi about my weekend, and he asked how I get to do everything I did, especially with as little money I have, I told him it was because of being a part of the dynamic duo of RiRi and RayRay. The weekend was amazing as we really did do so much together.
I love Samoa, since I always feel like a celebrity both on my island, and in Upolu. I don’t know how I meet so many people, but it is nice to feel at home everywhere I go to. Whenever I walk around Apia, I always run into people I know. Rachel also has the same problem, so when we walk together, a five minute walk can often take half an hour. It usually is okay, since we are running on Samoan time. Knowing this many people can be really great, as it builds connections for our lives.
Friday, we had the fia fia with the rest of the volunteers, and Saturday we decided to dance. I convinced Rachel that we needed to go extra early to make sure we went to the club real early so we would have control of the entire dance floor. When we arrived there was us and only two others there. We immediately started dancing, and as the club filled up, people were coming up to us to complement our dance moves, and try to join our dance sensation. The club had a special permit to play music until midnight, so we danced for four straight hours, and didn’t want to stop.
I used Rachel’s connections and we stayed at a nice resort for the following two days. It was really nice because we were able stay in the staff quarters, which meant that it was free. Because of not having to pay for lodging, we got to spend money on one of favorite things, food. We ate so well at the beach resort. We had the best barbecue in Samoa over there. What made it so delicious was it had the amazing side dishes like we have in America. The vegetables were so delicious. Rachel and I also got to relax in the pool that overlooks the ocean, as we watched the surfers in the ocean.
On Monday, we went to Hash. Hash is normally a running club, but this week, it was an adventure week. Instead of running, we rock climbed on the other side of the seawall, and then everyone swam to a yaht where we were allowed to explore. I didn’t get to finish the adventure. After about half an hour of rock climbing barefoot, I slipped when trying to avoid some glass, and slid into another rock. My big toe was gushing blood, as bumps were emerging where cuts were being formed. I hobbled back to the starting point to wait for the barbecue to start. I watched everyone swim to the yacht, and noticed how familiar it looked. It had been in Tonga along with 2 other identical boats, one from Maori and another from another Pacific Island Country. Everyone spoke so highly of the Samoan yacht because of it’s captain. I mentioned this to someone, and they mentioned that they were recruiting for a crew. How amazing a life would that be to live on a boat for a year?
On Tuesday, we finally had to head back to our villages. Even though Upolu had been a lot of fun, both of us sighed a sign of relief as we exited the ferry. We were home. Immediately we both ran into people we knew, and they quickly grabbed our bags to carry them to the bus. I smiled the whole way back on the bus. Life is pretty great in Savai’i. All my troubles I had before have washed away with a nice visit with my peace corps family, especially with my partner in crime. The next year will be pretty amazing, I can see it already.

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