Thursday, October 7, 2010


I grew up as the youngest child of three and I think there is nothing better than being the youngest. I got away with a lot more than I should have. Starting from a young age, I would always set up my siblings to get into trouble. For example, when I was a baby, I used to climb out of my crib. My sister would see me and try to put me back in. However in the process one of my parents would come in the room and scold her for “taking me out to play”. When I got older, I sometimes targeted my brother. (Sorry Billy!) I would kick him under the table, and he would always get caught in retaliation.
Of course I wasn’t always a brat. I enjoyed spending time with my siblings. They were the best friends to have, especially because they were always around. I always shared a room, with either my brother and sister. We fought sometimes, but thinking back on them I have a laugh. What kind of harm can come out of throwing socks from across the room? When I was little, my brother Billy and I used to play Heman and other toys under our dining room table. We had dreams of owning a mansion when we were older. Complete with toys galore, and a big dining room table to play under. My sister Jen was the one to get the house first, so I took total advantage of it. Living in a gigantic house to myself, while my sister traveled the US working. The first purchase for the house, even before a bed, was a gigantic dining room table. Although I didn’t still have my Heman and Shera toys, I enjoyed playing many games and doing puzzles on the table.
When I came to living on Savai’i I was blessed with a younger sister. A younger sister that would make up for how I sometimes treated my siblings. She can be loud and obnoxious as she borrows my stuff and sings at the top of her lungs.
Then the power of younger siblings doubled as I go a twelve year old brother. The two of them ganged up against me to play pranks some days. When I take a shower, sometimes they shut the lights off on me, leaving me covered in suds in the pitch dark. (There really aren’t any windows in the bathroom.) Other times the booby trap the house causing things to happen when you open doors and such.
Having two younger siblings can definitely bring twice the trouble. It makes every day interesting as you never know what the pair has in store for me.
Jen, I admire how you put up with me and Billy, if we even did half the things that Salvadios and Tonga do. You truly are a saint.

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